Founder & Up For Gags

Welcome to Rob’s bright blue baby. Having spent years in Bristol, and countless hours in local restaurants, he came up with the idea of Wriggle back in 2014. He now oversees all things Wriggle, and pulls together the various strands that make-up our world. Rob loves “working with so many passionate local business-owners and having the privilege to pass-off visiting and eating their produce as part of his job.” If we’re honest, he does spend a little too much time in Club Haus and Small Bar.


Bristol Manager & Plant Killer

Sam grew up in restaurants and on a farm. Utterly unsuited to the latter, he’s in charge of Wriggle Bristol - along with our copywriting and photography. He likes spelling mistakes, never cooking at home and not looking after his plants (hence why he shouldn’t be allowed back on the farm). His favourite place in Bristol is The Hillgrove pub in Kingsdown. Go find out why.


Brighton Manager & Deadpan Man

Mikey escaped the Bar (legal) to spend more time in bars (Wriggle partners, mainly). Having also worked in restaurants for years, and grown up in the area, Mikey’s perfectly suited to being Wriggle’s Brighton manager. Apparently he likes Wriggle because “I’m able to work with a really talented group of motivated people”. News to us. If you’ve got any Brighton tips, you can often find him in his favourite spot; Isaac At Gloucester Street.


Lead Developer & Anime Enthusiast

The main man, fresh from somewhere in France (please don’t send him back). He’s been building top grade web applications and websites for years, but now dedicates just as much time and skill to dining out and buying niche e-commerce products: our most regular contact from the outside world is “package for Clement”. He was one of Wriggle’s earliest adopters, and knows the product inside-out. Find him at Grillstock - shovelling out-standing food in-side his belly.


Partnerships Manager & Cornish Separatist

Will’s a lovable Cornish separatist who relentlessly trawls the streets to get the best establishments on-board. Thank him later (and email him if you have any suggestions). With a worthy heritage in business development, commercial management and partnerships in a variety of sectors, at Wriggle he finally actually likes the businesses he works with: “properly tasty treats in some undeniably dapper, independent places. What's not to love about that?”. He also has great hair.


Developer & International Man of Mystery

This sultry Frenchman has made a habit of escaping capital cities. First Paris (leading to development studies alongside our lead developer, Clement, in Lyon) followed by a flight from London (which led him into the arms of Wriggle). He’s now accumulated over 3 years of full-stack professional experience – fuelled by punk rock, heavy metal and supposedly “challenging" burger challenges.


Marketing Intern & Escapee

An impressive two month stint in the Wriggle office has induced a powerful sense of wonderlust in young, recently graduated Alfie. “I’m interested in Wriggle and digital marketing” he used to say. “I can nearly afford a camper van” he now says. Funnily enough his favourite Wriggle venue is Under the Stars. Which is situated on a boat.


Marketing & Closet Apostrophobic

Selfless Alex doesn’t understand possession. That's why he’s banned the correct use of apostrophes at Wriggle. Fortunately, though, he’s agreed to take ownership of Wriggle’s customer marketing, having spent the last 10 years honing his skills and picking up awards from the likes of Marketing Week and E-Consultancy – all whilst drinking beer, eating ramen, retrofitting simpson’s quotes and road biking.