Founder & Spoonerism Connoisseur

Welcome to Wriggle - Rob’s bright blue baby. Having spent years in Bristol, and countless hours in local restaurants, he first came up with the idea of Wriggle back in 2014. He now oversees all things Wriggle, pulling together the various strands that make-up our world and generally acting like a super fruity mother hen. Rob’s favourite part of the job is visiting cool places, eating their awesome food and passing it off as “work”. You’ll mostly find him sharpening his ping-pong skills in Club Haus, whetting his whistle in Small Bar and heroically defending his hard earned “spooneriser of the year 2017” title.

Graphic Designer & Cat Lady

Yasmin makes Wriggle look better. She’s a graphic designer and former architecture student, fresh off the streets of Rio. She’s started a ‘Make Brazil OK Again’ in response to our ‘Make Britain Great Again campaign’. Her favourite place to eat is Katie & Kim’s Kitchen in Bristol – they’re honest, tasty and clever, just like Yasmin herself. Yasmin also loves cats. Check her side-project app called ‘Cataday’.

Brighton Manager & Deadpan Man

Mikey escaped the Bar (legal) to spend more time in bars (Wriggle partners, mainly). Having also worked in restaurants for years, and grown up in the area, Mikey’s perfectly suited to being Wriggle’s Brighton manager. Apparently he likes Wriggle because “I’m able to work with a really talented group of motivated people”. News to us. If you’ve got any Brighton tips, you can often find him in his favourite spot; The Coffee Counter.

Lead Developer & Anime Enthusiast

The main man, fresh from somewhere in France (please don’t send him back). He’s been building top grade web applications and websites for years, but now dedicates just as much time and skill to dining out and buying niche e-commerce products: our most regular contact from the outside world is “package for Clement”. He was one of Wriggle’s earliest adopters, and knows the product inside-out. Find him at Grillstock - shovelling out-standing food in-side his belly.

Partnerships Manager & Cornish Separatist

Will’s a lovable Cornish separatist whose main mission is to bring Wriggle to a town near you. Thank him later (and email him if you have any suggestions). With a worthy heritage in business development, commercial management and partnerships in a variety of sectors, at Wriggle he finally likes the businesses he works with. You’ll mainly find him igniting small-scale political revolutions, talking about “gig rowing” (whatever that is) and trying to convince Charlie that pasties should always be eaten with clotted cream. He also has great hair.

Developer & International Man of Mystery

This sultry Frenchman has made a habit of escaping capital cities. First Paris (leading to development studies alongside our lead developer, Clement, in Lyon) followed by a flight from London (which led him into the arms of Wriggle). He’s now accumulated over 3 years of full-stack professional experience – fuelled by punk rock, heavy metal and supposedly “challenging" burger challenges.

Marketing & Closet Apostrophobic

Selfless Alex doesn’t understand possession. That's why he’s banned the correct use of apostrophes at Wriggle. Fortunately, though, he’s also agreed to take ownership of Wriggle’s customer marketing (which, as he’s spent the last 10 years honing his skills and picking up awards from the likes of Marketing Week and E-Consultancy, is excellent news for us. And you). He is happiest when drinking beer, eating ramen, retrofitting simpson’s quotes and road biking (nobody rocks Rapha quite like him).

Videographer and London Geezer

We took Joe on as an intern and have promoted him to top videographer due to his eye-catching filmwork. Joe can make anything look like food-porn and often has a crowd around his desk whilst editing frames of your city’s latest food craze. Despite having an eye for juicy burgers, cheesy pizzas and drippy ice creams, our favourite video is the gif he made of a man slapping some dough. We can’t get enough of #breadslap.

Content and high priestess of pith

Bow down, Wrigglers, to Charlie - our high priestess of content, undisputed champion of pith and all-round foodie whirling dervish. When she’s not feeding the 5000 with pop-up puddings, reviewing Bristol’s tastiest openings on her blog or campaigning heartily on the tenderest of foodie issues (her impassioned plea to “make the chicken kiev great again” brought a secret tear to Michel Roux Jr’s eyes), she’s nailing our social media banter and writing some of our most shared magazine articles. Find her in Pasta Loco singing Whitney Houston at the top of her voice.

Developer and comic book guy

We rescued Stephen from a life of recruitment and set him to work on the computer instead. Often seen scanning pages of code, he has created our AI bot "Atlanta" and has promised us she won't become conscious and take down human civilisation. Look out for his comic book hero t-shirts and infectious giggle.

Georgia Rose
Cardiff Manager and inked-up woman

Another rescued recruiter and former professional makeup-artist to the stars, this blonde bombshell is our go-to-girl for all things foodie, indie and partnership-ey in Cardiff. This lady loves to lunch, loves to travel and has some of the greatest tattoos our humble office has ever set eyes on. You’ll mainly find her quaffing french bistro deliciousness in The Pot or scoffing BYO booze and spaghetti in La Vita. What a gal.

Partnerships & Focaccia Tourist

Over-qualified Alice has proved dreams can come true when she sent us an email asking if she could join our merry band of Wrigglers after moving down South from Sheffield. Fluent in Russian and French and clasping a first class masters degree she is putting all these skills to good use helping us out with writing up guide profiles, offers and correcting our grammar. Often found guzzling slice after slice of Ray’s Pizza or trying to cure a hangover with a fruit yogurt, Alice is a much adored new addition to the Wriggle team.