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Rebel Wriggle Nibble: Any Cask Ale + Any "Nibble" + Any "Snack" @ Tiny Rebel Newport

An absolute powerhouse of a Wriggle. Epic beer (born and brewed in Newport), an epic bar snack and an epic plate of nibbley goodness. In every way imaginable, this is a big deal from Tiny Rebel. 

For your beer, pick any Cask Ale from Tiny Rebel (if - on the off chance - Tiny Rebel Cask isn't available, help yourself to another pint of cask ale). Then, choose 1 "nibble" and 1 "snack" from the Sides, Nibbles & Snacks menu. 

For your Nibble and Snack, choose 2 different dishes from the following: Sourdough Garlic Pizza Bread; Bread Crumbed Halloumi Fingers; Bo'ho Battered Pickles; Skin-on Rustic Fries; Mixed Olives; Red Pepper Hummus; Black Pudding Fritters; Garlic Buttered Greens; Fubar Welsh Rarebit; Cwtch Onion Rings; Shallot and Cali Beer Bhajis; Rocksteady Cider Infused Hot Scotch Egg (a Wriggle favourite); 3 Welsh Cheese Fondue; Pink Salt and Black Pepper Calamari. 

Spoilt. For. Choice! 

Why we love Tiny Rebel (Central Newport): A pantheon of powerfully-hopped pintage and craftily-bottled beers, Tiny Rebel Newport is every bit as loved in this part of town as its elder red brick brother is revered down the road in Cardiff.

A stones throw from the meandering Usk, a stroll from the humble - yet hallowed - turf of Rodney Parade and clad in a resolute facade of uncompromising granite, this bar has taken Tiny Rebel's commitment to modern, eccentric, boundary pushing brewing and distilled it into a drinking, eating and all-round-chilling experience the likes of which Newport has never seen.

Set across a roomy ground floor and curiously colourful basement, peppered with arcade-style video game machines and playing the sort of music you'd actually want to spend time listen to (and at a level that won't make your ears weep!), Tiny Rebel manages to blend heritage, ambition and great independent beer with chilled-out ease. What makes it all the more remarkable is that the brewery behind the bar was only conceived in a nearby garage 9 years ago! It's pretty incredible what a few imaginations fired-up by retro computer games, 90's urban culture and a desire to break from the status-quo can do.

If you stop here, expect a selection of outstanding indie beers from a myriad of Craft Breweries, a bounty of slow-cooked temptation (we recommend their down-and-dirty burgers or hot-and-messy pizzas) and a properly tidy time. Tiny Rebel. Big Tings.

How to claim: **This Tiny Rebel Wriggle can only be redeemed at Tiny Rebel in Newport town centre (CNP20 1FX)**

Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive at Tiny Rebel in the town centre on the correct day and within the window of opportunity. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile, and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help our partners keep improving. Enjoy your Big Wriggle at Tiny Rebel.

22 High St, Newport NP20 1FX Get directions