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One-too-many down the pub got you craving something big, juicy and delicious to eat? Or maybe you've got that lazy weekend funk on, and the thought of cranking up the oven to cook for yourself is just too much to bear? Whatever your excuse, don't worry, we're here for you. 

With this Wriggle, you'll tuck into the Hashery's signature burger: a homemade 60z beef patty, crispy, smokey pancetta, mounds of cheddar, crisp chiffonade lettuce, juicy tomato and homemade mayo. There's also a wee pickle on the side, cos, ya know, pickles are great... Top it all off with any cocktail – perfect for sippin' on and keeping that weekend feeling alive and well.

All that joy, and not a single piece of washing up at the end. 

About The Hashery

Great Odin's raven, the cuatro amigos at The Hashery have absolutely nailed it. Mind you, we're not talking any run-of-the-mill, oh-so-British "credit where credit is due" sort of nailed it (not that we'd ever write a review that vanilla anyway, dear Wrigglers). Nope. The entire experience at The Hashery deserves many more ridiculous superlatives than that. We're talking sweet-jumping-Jesus-shutting-the-front-door-and-absolutely-smashing-it-out-of-the-park nailed it. Yeah, we went there. Experentially, "satisfying" doesn't even come close. From ducking through an idiosyncratic guitaur-embellished doorway to gazing at the perpetually varied comicbook extracts carpeting the ceiling... from walls uplit with flickering filament to corners upcycled with original muralwork... from stupendous service (think owner Sean pulling up a pugh at your table, presenting you with an individualised musical momento of your visit and - at some point - probably even air-strumming along to some of the best tunes this side of nearby Outpost Records) to the restaurant's passionately ethical ethos (everybody is treated impeccably, local sourcing takes precedence, ingredients are treated with respect and *absolutely nothing* goes to waste)... it's impossible not to get a tiny bit evangelical about The Hashery. And we haven't even started on the food (long story short - it's awesome). Expect a hearty range of burgers (all served with a cheeky pickle on the side), marinated meat or low-and-slow veggie Cubanos that'll keep you going for hours, and a few outstanding sharing options coupled with distinctive cocktails and naughty-but-nice desserts. For us, though, you can't beat The Hashery's top notch feel-good finger-food: facemelting sides (hint: look no further than the X-Rated Mac 'N' Cheese or the Scotch Egg) and arguably the best mussel pots in Cardiff (huge portions, adventurous flavours, cooked to tender perfection and sourced each morning from the local fisherman). If you've not already booked a table, grab a mate, grab your feel-good-trousers and get a Wriggle on.

How to claim

Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive at The Hashery within the window of opportunity. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help our partners keep improving. Wriggle responsibly.
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6 High Street, Cardiff CF10 1AW, Wales
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