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The Avo + Egg Breakfast + Americano

Get down to The Early Bird and tuck into this super stacked sourdough. This Wriggle will get you two doorstop slices of toast topped with a mountain of smashed avo, a perfectly poached egg on top and drooling in smoky chipotle Cholula hot sauce, finished with a sprinkling of radish! It's served with an Americano (which is roasted in their bread oven can you believe!)  Bon appetite!  

Why we love The Early Bird: This yellow-bricked Cathays based café and artisan bakery has it nailed when it comes to baked goods, coffee and cosiness. Organic sourdough bread is made fresh every day using flour from Talgarth Mill. They roast their own coffee in the bread oven and, when they're on the menu, the waffles are an absolute treat. Pictures, drawings and trinkets adorn the white washed walls and there's even a secret garden hideaway out-back.

With its eclectic indie vibe, Early Bird is a great place to kick back and enjoy a relaxed brunch or afternoon cuppa. Their cooked brunches include the irreverently named Hulk Smash (avocado, eggs and chipotle sauce on toast) and Let’s Get Ready to Crumble (brioche French toast topped with plum, apple and ginger compote and crunchy crumble). Of course no brunch is complete without dessert, right? Early Bird’s home-baked cinnamon swirls, salted caramel and pretzel brownies, and custard filled brioche doughnuts are all superb.

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38 Woodville Road, Cardiff CF24 4EB Get directions