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2x Nasi Lemaks + 2x Tasters

Nasi Lemak is a truly legendary street-food dish which is as synonymous with Malaysia, as Fish and Chips is with Great Britain. With Jalan Malaysia being one of the only places in Cardiff to offer this supremely delicious dish, it's a must for Asian cuisine and street-food lovers alike.

First, pick your Nasi Lemak's main event: Turmeric Fried Chicken (rich and mild), Nyonya Chicken Rendang (rich and savoury with a citrusy edge), Beef Rendang (aromatic with a hint of spice) or Tofu Rendang. All are infused with some savoury sinfulness and are fantastically tasty (trust us; we're regular visitors to Jalan Malaysia). 

Next, choose from one of Jalan's delicious little cravings: crispy veg spring rolls; succulent chicken and vegetable dumplings; fish patties seasoned perfectly with Malaysian spices; and lightly fried fish skewers. All are served with sweet chill sauce.

Look forward to a supporting cast of fiery-yet-sweet sambal, a creamy coconut rice dome, generous garnishing of cooling cucumber and perfectly cooked egg halves - all served on a traditional banana leaf.

Excited? You should be. See you there.

Why we love Jalan Malaysia: Mouthwatering ingredients, vibrant flavours, regional authenticity and contemporary street-food-style combine so convincingly at Jalan Malaysia that lovers of proper pan-Asian cuisine will be forgiven for thinking they've died and gone to Langkawi.

Trays lined with banana leaves, "little cravings" (tasty titbits served in brown card) and some knockout sauces and sides help set the scene, but, happily for foodies, it's the Nasi Lemak – Malaysia's most popular dish, a street food staple and the indulgent focal point of Jalan Malaysia's entire menu – that does the talking. Those partial to a proper Rendang or traditional Sambal flavouring definitely won't be disappointed after an evening here.

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