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Sunday Deli Breakfast (Meaty or Veggie)

Deli Rouge

"How do you like your eggs in the morning", Jane asked Team Wriggle? "Poached, please" we replied, "and served on top of an earthenware ramekin full of cooked-brekkie treats". "Righto", she beamed, and off to Deli Rouge's traditional kitchen she busily went.

Here at Wriggle we've always had slightly eccentric tastes (in case you hadn't guessed), so we were delighted to find that the Deli Breakfast at Deli Rouge perfectly matched our oddball hankerings. A carefully constructed mound of crispy bacon, sausage, potato, tomato and free-range egg was brought to our table for the meat lovers (complete with a round of generously buttered toast) and the veggies amongst us had something equally tasty to enjoy.

For a relaxed weekend morning over a breakfast that (thankfully) leaves room for coffee and conversation, Get a Wriggle on to Deli Rouge.

Why we love Deli Rouge: This lovely little family deli (named Rouge after the red hair of owner Jane) lies quietly in the sleepy, leafy back-streets of Roath. It's in its eighth year of service and has built up a seriously loyal local following in that time, with everybody from hungry students to thirsty Sunday congregations squeezed around the polka-dot table tops.

Alongside serving delicious Deli products and cheeses, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all on the menu (and all are equally revered in their own right) and - come night time - Tapas reigns supreme. Everything is cooked fresh to order, and all ingredients can be purchased at the Deli Counter - so you've got no excuse to not get creative in the kitchen back at home.

The comfortable seating, comforting service and comfort-sharing food make Deli Rouge a unique evening stop and - although very different to the city's more "traditional" venues - more than worthy of a visit when you're next in Roath.

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73 Pen-y-wain Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 4GG Get directions