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Full Monty Roll or Veggie Breakfast Roll

Deli Rouge

Woken up with a roaring, rumbly tummy? Well, Wriggle on over to Deli Rouge and tame that lion with either the Full Monty roll (free range egg, bacon & mushrooms) or the Veggie Breakfast Roll (pan-fried mushrooms, tomato and free range egg). 

If you're feeling extra peckish, spruce your roll up with even more brekkie goodies; for an extra 90p each (please pay Deli Rouge directly), you can add:
  • Extra mushroom
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Beans
For an extra £1.60, you can really pimp your roll with:
  • Haloumi
  • Italian Sausage
  • Smoked Ham
  • Bacon and Eggs
Go on, you know you want to. 

Why we love Deli Rouge: This lovely little family deli (named Rouge after the red hair of owner Jane) lies quietly in the sleepy, leafy back-streets of Roath. It's in its eighth year of service and has built up a seriously loyal local following in that time, with everybody from hungry students to thirsty Sunday congregations squeezed around the polka-dot table tops.

Alongside serving delicious Deli products and cheeses, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all on the menu (and all are equally revered in their own right) and - come night time - Tapas reigns supreme. Everything is cooked fresh to order, and all ingredients can be purchased at the Deli Counter - so you've got no excuse to not get creative in the kitchen back at home.

The comfortable seating, comforting service and comfort-sharing food make Deli Rouge a unique evening stop and - although very different to the city's more "traditional" venues - more than worthy of a visit when you're next in Roath.

How to claim: Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive within the window of opportunity - introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help our partners keep improving. Wriggle responsibly

73 Pen-y-wain Road, Roath, Cardiff CF24 4GG Get directions