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**Duration of play: 1h 10mins. Box office & ticket collection is from 18:00, seating starts between 19:30 - 19:55 and the show starts at 20:00 - please ensure you arrive in good time! Tickets will stop being sold on Wriggle at 19:30**

Chapter Arts Centre is hosting the premier of "Flowers": Cardiff-based Big Loop Theatre company's newest play (written and performed by Duncan Hills and Cory Tucker, directed by Rosie Jones and produced by George Soave). This is BLTC's first time treading Chapter's hallowed boards, so we're extremely excited to be bringing a handful of tickets to you on Wriggle.

About the play:

When their parents mysteriously disappear, Billy and Danny are left to run the family flower shop. It’s time for them to grow up, smell the coffee and stop eating all the flowers. A hilarious and anarchic display of distorted memory and lost loving families that features live music, puppetry and improvisation, Flowers is a creative and an original piece of theatre that - whilst not being for the faint-hearted - is guaranteed to be immersive, hugely enjoyable and very memorable indeed.

Presented by Big Loop Theatre Company.
Written and performed by Duncan Hallis and Cory Tucker.
Directed by Rosie Jones.
Produced by George Soave.

About Big Loop Theatre Company @ Chapter Arts Centre

Big Loop Theatre Company is a Cardiff based fringe-theatre company creating innovative, exciting, and accessible theatre. They craft thought-provoking, aesthetically engaging and often experimental theatre in intimate spaces using methods of play, poetry and physicality. BLTC love toying with theatrical form and relish creating a unique warm relationship between their audiences and the stage, so it is hardly surprising to hear that BLTC value a playful approach more than almost anything else when imagining their plays. Past productions (Moirai, The Memo and Stormchasers) have been met with many an appreciative tip of the critics' caps, and - for those in the know - this small band of Welsh performing artists are destined for big things in the future. Whether BLTC are performing content that is tragic or joyous, scripted or devised, they're always aiming to push each other into places that they didn’t know they could go. It's a process where the journey is as important as the destination, and they'd love for you to come with them.

How to claim

Purchase your ticket through Wriggle, then arrive at Chapter Arts Centre before the show starts and introduce yourself at the ticket desk as a Wriggler. Show your code then head to the bar and grab yourself a drink (you'll likely miss some theatrical amazingness if you're not there on time). When you hear the curtain call, mosey over to the auditorium (re-introducing yourself as a Wriggler if necessary), gain entry and take your seat for the show. Remember to buy the actors a drink afterwards if you loved the play, tell your friends how awesome Big Loop Theatre Company is and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit. Happy Wriggling!
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Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE
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