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Homemade Soup & Small Salad Bowl (Eat In or T.A)

Workout Bristol Café & Bar

This lunchtime Wriggle your way over to Welsh Back's waterfront haven Workout, and dig into some seriously tasty, nutritional food that won't break the bank. 

With this Wriggle you'll enjoy a bowl of homemade soup, made with seasonal produce that's been carefully sourced to produce a flavour-packed, nourishing bowl of goodness. Flavours change each week depending on what's at its best. A recent Team Wriggle favourite was the curried parsnip and pear soup, served with mini onion bhajis and homemade flatbreads. Yum.

You'll also tuck into a small salad bowl or plate – a colourful bowl bursting with vibrant, healthy salads and several of your five-a-day.

It's an astonishingly good value lunch option that'll leave you satisfied without feeling sluggish, slow and bloated. 

This Wriggle is available to have in or takeaway. 

Why we love Workout Bristol Café & Bar: Workout Bristol's cafe/bar is a proper hidden gem (gym) on Welsh Back. Boy have they done a good job with their recent refurb - repurposed squash court flooring with bright flecks of colour, flanked by French windows looking out over the water, and lots of outside seating for the length of the building - all containing a truly surprising selection of beers, quality of coffee and ambitious food. It's seasonal, nutritionally balanced, and totally delicious. What's more, they're super friendly. And there's​ two ping pong tables on a Friday night. Two. Free. Ping. Pong. Tables.

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Floating Harbour, Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB Get directions