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Fresh, Seasonal, Lunch made with love + A Coffee

Take your pick between West Street Kitchen's locally-sourced and freshly-prepared lunch menu (choose any of their sandwiches, main dishes or soup) - all featuring free range produce from the Forest of Dean. Options currently include (but may vary depending on the seasons and stock):
  • Guatemalan Black Beans in a Rich Tomato Sauce with Sourdough Toast
  • Kale & Black-Eyed Bean Stew with Queen Squash
  • Hearty Mushroom, Potato & Onion Pie in a Parsley Crust
  • Spiced Smoked Pork Broth
  • French Toastie Sandwich: mozzarella omelette, roasted mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes between slices of spiced eggy bread
  • Ham & Eggs: free range ham from our friends at Cowstill farm with mustard mayo + fried eggs on East Bristol Bakery toast
All served up with a coffee. We recommend completing your lunchtime joy with a little something from their stunning selection of homemade cakes.

Why we love West Street Kitchen: West Street Kitchen is the fruit of months of painstaking work from owners Nathan and Millie to beautifully renovate this spot in Old Market's West Street.

West Street Kitchen combines Nathan's experience in the coffee world, with Millie's baking skills. Their produce is largely sourced from their home in the Forest of Dean (just outside Bristol) - supplemented by local craft beers for the early evening trade - and turned into a revolving selection of delicacies (on the menu when we visited was a hearty home-cooked Meatball Sandwich and a French Toastie - a West-Street creation of mozzarella omelette, roasted mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes between slices of spiced eggy bread).

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