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Any Hot Dog, Fries, Pickles and Slaw

Voodoo Q

Prepare to wrap your laughing gear around one of the tastiest hot dogs you ever laid eyes on – being in the dog house never tasted so good...

Choose any of the following devilishly good pork hot dogs, hot smoked over the pit fires, and all served up with fries (including optional Voodoo spiced dusting), pickles and slaw:

  • The Live and Let Die – no toppings, just straight up porky goodness
  • The Hex - classic American toppings of white onions, homemade ketchup and hot dog mustard
  • The Spell Maker – topped with pulled pork and pit masters' thick-cut bacon
  • The Juju – topped with additional cheese and mac'n'cheese
  • The Voodoo Chile – brisket chilli, pepper jack cheese and Upton Cheyney chilli farm pickled jalapeño and habaneros

Why we love Voodoo Q: Something wicked this way comes – and we've never been so excited about it! Voodoo Q is the latest opening on Gloucester Road, serving up top-notch authentic smokehouse food with a serious side portion of bad-ass voodoo attitude.

At Voodoo Q, it's all about the smoking. Their smokers are 100% wood-fired, and are lovingly tended to by pit masters – certified smoking gods who devote time and care to cooking low'n'slow, delivering you the smokiest, most melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness.

The menu is diverse: from sticky, smokey ribs to smoked cauliflower and chickpea curry (erm, yum!); from mac'n'cheese to hot smoked, pit-seared salmon steak, there really is something for everyone. One particular speciality has really got Wriggle under its spell, though: the insane range of hot dogs. Ranging from the classic American style dog 'The Hex' (onions, dog, homemade ketchup and mustard), to the outrageous 'The Spell Maker' (dog topped with thick cut, pit-smoked bacon and pulled pork') these monsters are hot dogs like you've never seen 'em before.

Voodoo Q also offer a seriously tempting selection of puds too, and if you fancy really going to town and completing your pit-smokin', Tennessee-inspired meal experience, there's a rum selection that's worth some serious investigation.

So – what are you waiting for? Wriggle your way up Gloucester Road, and tuck into some devilishly tasty scran.

How to claim: Purchase your Wriggle through the app or website, and head to Voodoo Q within the designated time period. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile, and show your unique code. Then, simply enjoy your food! Remember to pay for any extras that you order, and please tip accordingly. Don't forget to fill in the Wriggle feedback form the following day for your chance to win £20 Wriggle credit!

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