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Large Salad Selection Box

A healthy, hearty large salad-box Spotless Leopard-style. Get yourself a mixture of today's salads. Currently there's roast broccoli with a soy sauce dressing & sunflower seeds; giant cous cous, roast butternut squash & pumpkin seeds; vegan coleslaw made with organic veggies, pumpkin seeds & a tangy, creamy dressing and mixed leaves from The Severn Project. Good stuff.

Why we love The Spotless Leopard: The Spotless Leopard serves amazing Vegan food from a mobile van. It's 100% Vegan; the​ veggies are all organic – but most importantly, it's delicious! The perfect place to stop and grab a bite to eat, either for light summer bites or hefty warmers on rainy days.

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