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This is the 7pm tasting. There is also a 3pm tasting available on Wriggle on Saturdays

Gin lovers, listen up: this one's for you!

Underneath the bastion of Bristol booziness that is The Rummer Hotel lurks an immense micro-distillery: Bristol Dry Gin. Descend the stone staircase down to twisty, low-ceilinged cellars of the distillery under St Nick's market, and you'll enter into a magical land of gin. Here you'll be treated to a hands-on, fast-paced and boozy tasting of 5 well-known local gins, as well as a fun and informative talk about the different gins, their creation, and some general juniper-based wisdom. The gins you'll be discovering are:

  • Bristol Dry Gin
  • Conker Spirit
  • The Exe Gin
  • Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion
  • Six o'clock
  • Cotswolds

As you all know, drinking lots of lovely gin is not an easy task - so to prepare yourself, you'll be armed with a Gin & Tonic (strong, of course) upon arrival. Good luck!

About Boozy Events @ The Rummer

A quintessential part of the drop-dead-gorgeous St Nick's market, The Rummer is one of Bristol's premier cocktail spots and an all-round-terrific indie highlight in a city-centre hotspot. Their spot-on classic drinks, and insta worthy cocktails are held in the highest of esteem by critics, bloggers and in-the-know locals alike. Boasting over 400 premium spirits from all corners of the globe and a bar team with serious mixologist pedigree, this historic building (legend has it that an inn has stood here since the 1200s) is one that lives long in the memory. Head below-ground and things get even more interesting because this is the verging-on-clandestine hidey-hole, distillery and bottling operation of Bristol Dry Gin - the first venture by Bristol Spirits Collective, a small band of professionals with a passion for distilling and a love of fine spirits. The collective was born in 2016, with the aim of combining the skills found within the bar and restaurant industry, into a group that could produce some of the finest spirits in the world. They enjoy the process of creation (never releasing a product that has not been tested extensively on themselves) and bring gin to any and every place they are invited. Our kind of people.

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