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Any 2X Dirty Fries

2 of the Love Inn's Dirty Fries. These are seriously naughty fries... Think Salt-Beef Chilli Beef Fries. Or Pulled-Pork, Mac 'n' Cheese Fries. Or Beans, Cheddar, Wiper & True Rarebit Fries

Why we love The Love Inn: The Love Inn is a fantastically vibrant place, with a great selection of food, drink and live music. It's one of a few places you can really relax, treat yourself to some fantastic food and drink, and have a good old fashion dance on those clumsy feet!

How to claim: Once you’ve bagged your Wriggle, head down to the venue between the specified times. When you arrive just tell the venue Wriggle sent ya, show them the code and indulge in your delicious deal! Make sure you pay for any additional items you order.

84 Stokes Croft, Bristol, United Kingdom Get directions