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Cheese Fondue Pour Deux

Take someone who's Fond of You out for a special meal straight out of the Swiss Alps or the Seventies. Owner Ben has researched far and wide to learn the best techniques for creating this cheesy dish that's Fun to Do. This dish is a vat filled with Austrian Hubaner, French Comte & Swiss Mayfield cheese with a splash of wine & kirsch - that comes with Pickled Onions, Cornichons, Broccoli, Sourdough and because it's on Wriggle, we'll be saving Funds for You. Perfect for a romantic & cheesy date for 2. Or maybe gathering the gang for a few glasses of wine and a natter over the most retro of meals.

N.b. this is for the Vegetarian fondue. If you or your partner-in-cheese want to enjoy the Charcuterie Meat fondue, just let the Crafty Egg know when you arrive, and pay them the difference.

Why we love The Crafty Egg: We're egg-static about this egg-scellent Stokes Croft joint becoming part of the Wr-egg-le team (apologies, we'll crack the egg puns right on the nog from now). This welcoming brunch spot has been on our radar for a while now, serving eggs in whatever way you like. Try their Afghan eggs - a shakshuka type affair served with a toasted piece of pitta bread to mop up any leftover dripping yolk and smokey paprika tomato sauce. We also heavily recommend their smoothies, maybe fruit's closest competitor to a nice big hug. Meanwhile owners Ben and Kate have recently opened the Crafty Egg up for evening dining - think small plates perfect for a first date, or a grand cheese fondue which is great for dates or excellent for big groups to share/

How to claim: Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive within the window of opportunity - introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help our partners keep improving. Wriggle responsibly.

113 Stokes Croft, Bristol Get directions