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Leather Bicycle Carry Handle

Temple Cycles

Never before has it been so easy to carry your bike up steps! Choose between light or dark brown leather; the colours match well with Brooks saddles and give a nice detail to your bike! A quality, ergonomically designed product with stainless steel buckles. The perfect gift, we reckon. If you haven't got a bike you should probably buy a Temple. Alternatively, attach the carry handle to a pet or loved one.

Why we love Temple Cycles: A Temple Cycles bike is designed to be practical, but with a strong sense of timeless style and classic features. Their bikes are versatile because of the many configurations possible. For example, their frames can be built into a lightweight and simple single speed bike for urban riding, but maintain all the features required to upgrade to have gears, fatter tyres, mudguards and pannier racks in case you need to take it on a touring adventure!

How to claim: Purchase your leather carry handle through Wriggle, then head over to the Temple pop-up shop to see Matt. Tell him you're a Wriggler, show him your code and check out the rest of his goodies.

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