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2X Burgers & 2X Sides

Smoking Buns @ The Love Inn

You lucky things. Choose between the house classic beef burger or the halloumi burger, and pocket a couple of extra sides (one apiece) - your options are between fries, slaw or onion rings. It's a rare chance to catch these boys visiting from London and their Camden Brewery home, and they're bringing with them some hard fought lessons about the burger game.

Why we love Smoking Buns @ The Love Inn: Smoking Buns is the love child of Chef Events, born out of a 2-year research and development project which saw them working the grill for some of the UK's leading burger set-ups and trawling the West Coast of America in search of perfect ribs. The 'Smoking Buns' burger is a really simple affair, the right mix of chuck and rib steak, our own unique bun recipe, pickles, Frenchie's mustard, secret sauce and not a lot else. Easy.

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