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Any Burger & Soul Fries

Smoke & Glaze @ The Pipe & Slippers

Hallelujah. Tuck into any of the Smoke & Glaze signature burgers (with a veggie option available too), along with a hearty portion of soul seasoned fries. Burger choices include:

  • Best Steak Dinner: 1/4lb beef patty, topped with a rump minute steak, cheddar, bourbon cream reduction, cajun spiced onion rings, chilli choc ketchup & mayo
  • Big Cheese : Crispy marinated halloumi, sticky red cabbage, chimmichurri dressing, pickled chilli, sumac mayo & Cajun ketchup (veggie).
  • Big Bird : Crispy buttermilk fried chicken thigh, prosciutto, roast portobello mushroom, parmesan, truffle mayo & Cajun ketchup
  • Chimmi-chimmi ya: 1/4lb beef patty, fried chorizo, cheddar, chimmichurri dressing, paprika mayo and Cajun ketchup.
  • Vegan Natty: garlic and thyme roasted portobello mushroom, beetroot black pudding, sticky red cabbage, tangy relish, ranch dressing, and spiced ketchup
All served with lettuce & tomato in a lightly toasted brioche bun with a portion of twice cooked crispy cajun potatoes aka soul fries!

Why we love Smoke & Glaze @ The Pipe & Slippers: Smoke & Glaze is a nod to shared passions for Southern American cuisine. All their food reflects a shared passion for cajun/creole cuisine, whilst the meat is full of flavour and falls apart with a hard stare! Their pickles, glazes and sauces are prepared from scratch to ensure their po-boys and burgers deliver a unique and irresistible flavour. No funny business and no compromises.​

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