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You'll get any two Goi Cuon options with this Wriggle and two Pho bowls with your choice of chicken, beef or tofu & mushroom. If you want to boost your Pho by ordering Prawn or the "Pho Rollin" dish, just pay £1 extra when you get there. 

For an early-bird forage that's guaranteed to set you up perfectly for whatever the rest of the evening has in store, head to Rollin Vietnamese for a couple of helpings of Goi Cuon and, for good measure, a bowl of Pho each, too.

If you're not familiar with Goi Cuon, they're bonafide Vietnamese delicacies otherwise known as Summer Rolls; think Chinese Spring Rolls that have decided to ditch the deep fat fryer and, instead, go all wholesome and healthy. They're made by packing as much crunchy veg, cool vermicelli noodles, aromatic leaves, garlic, herbs and fresh Asian staples inside an elegant film of rice paper - and, although they're appetiser-sized, the results are divine (word to the wise: Pork + Prawn a staple in Vietnam, so opt for this if you want something really authentic).

After nibbling through your Goi Cuon, you'll start on your Pho - a bowl of flat rice noodle broth served with beansprout, coriander, herbs and chillies and interspersed with hunks of beef chicken or tofu + mushroom (the choice is up to you).

About Rollin Vietnamese

Close enough for a quick-smart working lunch but a million miles from Broadmead's uneasy rows of identikit Pret-a-who-now's, Star-yucks and soul-sapping supermarket chains, the independent arcade's newest foodie resident - Rollin' Vietnamese - has been filling tummies and putting smiles on faces since late 2017. Expect delectably fresh Pho, Banh Mi and Goi Cuon bowls - all made to the same authentic street-food recipes that owner Kevin Ha enjoyed since childhood in Vietnam. Nestled in an arcade cubbyhole of exposed Georgian stonewalling, floor-to-ceiling paned class and sepia-toned Vietnamese newspaper cuttings, Rollin' is a refreshingly stripped-back affair. Aside from, say, their signature "eat, sleep, roll, repeat" neon party-piece and a faithfully reconstructed South East Asian hawker food trolley (from which all manner of bowl based appear - much to the delight of the eagerly assembled diners), the focus is on what really counts in an eatery: the food, the sweet Vietnamese coffee and the bubble tea. Locally sourced ingredients and expert culinary know-how mean that Rollin's customers enjoy genuinely high-quality dishes at no-strings-attached street food prices, and Kevin and his engaging team are always on hand to make recommendations based upon your individual taste - so you won't have to agonise over what to choose if you can't quite get your head around "Goi Guon" or "Bum Bo Hue"! Packed at lunchtime with all manner of ravenous Bristolians (those using chopsticks, the cutlery crew, the pick-the-bowl-up-and-slurp-it-down renegades... they're all there) and popular as an evening meal hack on the walk home, the diminutive square tables and put-you-up stools make the perfect perch for gazing out as the world rushes by on the other side of the glass (people watching is an essential meal past time in Vietnam, according to Kevin). If you're after a South East Asian bowl of awesomeness, Rollin' is the one pho yo.

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