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2X 6oz Burgers & 2 Soft Drinks & 3 Cookies

Pretentious Burger Kitchen

The best burger in town? A heated question. The Wriggle team popped in recently and it's a pretty resounding yes. However, these boys are only around until Sunday so you'd better hurry on over there. Grab a partner for two 6oz burgers of a lifetime with any salad trimmings, any home-made sauces and the option to pay 50p extra for additional bacon or onion rings. All hand-made with the utmost attention to detail. These boys are mad about burgers - you'll see why. There's a veggie option too.

Why we love Pretentious Burger Kitchen: Pretentious Burger Kitchen are doing something different with burgers. This is the brain-child of Andy, Dan & Jem - 3 buddies who share a passion for cooking and using fresh local produce. Their quest to create the perfect burger has been a long one: they've donned their wellies & visited farmers for the perfect cuts of meat, they've perfected a balanced brioche & make all their own sauces. Put it all together and you've got yourself a burger like no other.

How to claim: Purchase through the app in advance and turn up during the window of opportunity. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler, show your code and indulge.

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