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Any 1 x Coffee + Any 1 x Herberts Pastry

Top of the morning, central-Bristolians. How the devil are you? Still shaking off a yawn or two? A tad peckish, perhaps? Fear not - PAPER Café will have you all wrapped up with this limited-availability offer. Any coffee and any Herberts pastry for £2.20. A marvellous segue into the afternoon, if ever there was one. Get a Wriggle on!

Why we love PAPER Café: If - like us - you're weary of Big Brand Coffee, PAPER Café will perk you right up. This Broadmead based independent promises a great coffee experience (both in taste and customer service) and a genuine escape from the identikit chains you'd usually associate with a city-centre shopping hotspot. Step inside after a hum-drum mooch down the Horsefair and you'll discover an oasis of design, window-light and space - run by a friendly team of dedicated, independently minded Baristas, committed to serving quality caffeine and fantastic café food right from the get-go. Whitewashed walls provide an ideal backdrop for the café to exhibit a dependably fantastic and ever-rotating selection of local artwork, and the adjoining CO-LAB (a creative shop for local independents) is a consistent joy if you feel like losing yourself in some community-minded retail therapy. As perfect for a light lunch as it is for a carefree coffee break, if you spend a bit of time in Broadmead then we think you should definitely spend a lot of time in PAPER Café.

How to claim: Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive at PAPER Café within the window of opportunity. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help PAPER CAfé keep improving.

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51-53 Merchant Street, Bristol, BS1 3EE Get directions