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Bag of Wriggle Blend Coffee

Little & Long Coffee Roasters

It's fruity. And nutty. With hints of dark chocolate. It comes from Brazil and El Salvador. Can't tell what it is yet? It's our own Wriggle blend, carefully roasted for us by one of the finest roasters in town: Little & Long. Ground to perfection for cafetiere or aeropress use, but If you'd like the beans unground simply let us know.

Why we love Little & Long Coffee Roasters: Little and Long aim simply to create coffee that tastes good, and that starts with great green beans. From their importers they select beans from farms and cooperatives around the world. Traceability and social, environmental and sustainability initiatives are important to Little and Long and are reflected in the beans they buy.

How to claim: Purchase through Wriggle then come down to collect your bag from Wriggle HQ (on King Street) any time Monday-Friday.

Wriggle Exclusives: unique offers, only available on Wriggle
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