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Any Okonomiyaki with Renkon Crisps

Oko-what? Okonomiyaki, in the world of Japanese street food is an absolute must-try. A batter is made with flavourful stock, yam, flour and egg. Shredded cabbage, spring onion and little bits of crunchy tempura batter are added and a pancake is formed. Once on the griddle it is topped with bacon or kimchi, flipped and cooked until crisp on the outside, yielding and sweet in the centre. Then it is glazed with okonomiyaki sauce: rich, sweet and lip-lickingly delicious. Veggies beware: all variations are prepared with fish sauce.

Why we love Kansai Kitchen @ The Hillgrove: Kansai Kitchen is a passion project from Liam, a Bristolian who enjoy nothing more than cooking his favourite Japanese dishes from his time in Japan. They only sell dishes as they are served in Japan - not adjusted for the western market - which means they use traditional Japanese ingredients, cooking techniques and presentation.

Kansai Kitchen are now in permanent residence at the Hillgrove - providing yet another excuse to keep popping up to this most excellent of pubs and sample Kansai Kitchen's small but changing menu of stunning Japanese food.

How to claim: Purchase in advance through Wriggle, head down to the Hillgrove during the window of opportunity. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler, your Wriggle code in hand, and get your Wriggle on.

53 Hillgrove Street North, Kingsdown, Bristol BS2 8LT Get directions