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Don your sensible shoes and your raincoat and wend your way up St Michael's Hill to the magical lighthouse of beer and pop-up kitchen goodness: The Robin Hood. Here, the almighty HOBA Kebab are in residence, cooking up their heavenly Berlin-style posh kebabs and wicked sides. Phone bae and tell them you're going on a European mini-break – with kebabs this good, it's basically the same as a holiday...

With this Wriggle, you and your partner-in-feasting will enjoy the full HOBA Kebab experience. You'll choose a stunning, flavour packed kebab each – make your pick from the following options:

  • 24-hour-marinated and chargrilled chicken with tahini, pickled cucumber, beetroot and crushed peanuts (dairy free) 
  • Slow cooked pork shoulder with sweet potato tahini, chargrilled peppers, pickled cabbage and garlic and harissa yoghurty
  • Slow cooked and pulled lamb with tahini, chargrilled peppers, mint yoghurt and dukkah 

On top of your kebab delight, you'll also enjoy a portion of twice-cooked skin-on fries – perfect for mopping up all those tasty sauces that you'll dribble down yourself...

All that's left to do is order a couple of pints from the bar, and you've got yourself a pretty special evening on your hands.

About HOBA Kebab @ The Robin Hood

Unsurprisingly, HOBA Kebabs are purveyors of kebabs. These kebabs, though, are very different from the grim, grey, late night monstrosities that you might guiltily guzzle late at night from the dodgy shop on the way home after six-too-many pints. Yes, HOBA Kebabs are something quite different altogether. Following her degree at Bristol University, founder and owner Hope spent time in Berlin, and rapidly discovered what anybody who's been drunk in Germany's capital city will tell you: Berlin kebabs are out.of.this.world. Inspired by this heaven-sent street that is seen and expected as standard in uber-cool Berlin, Hope returned to our almighty Bristol and set up HOBA. This fantastic pop-up is now gracing venues across the city, and we can't get enough of them. Currently installed at the Robin Hood (incidentally one of Team Wriggle's favourite watering holes), HOBA makes high quality, gutsy kebabs that are popping with vibrant flavours and high quality produce. Oh, and about that produce: Hope works hard to source locally and seasonally, using meat from the legendary Ruby & White butchers and fresh veg from Bristol Veg Market. Hope even worked closely with local legends Joe's Bakery to develop a bespoke loaf that exactly mimics the type of bread used in making Berlin kebabs. This loaf is toasted, then filled up with all kinds of deliciousness. HOBA is environmentally conscious, too – Hope doesn't use any plastic, and all packaging is biodegradable. If you eat in (and we recommend you do, with a few pints from the bar), then you'll see that no wasteful disposables are used – everything is served in proper bowls and plates. Three cheers to that!

How to claim

Book your Wriggle through the app or website now, and then head on over to The Robin Hood during the specified timeframe. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler, show your code and indulge. Remember to pay for any extras that you purchase, and to tip accordingly. Don't forget to fill in the feedback form the following day for your chance to win £20 worth of Wriggle credit!
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The Robin Hood
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