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Have you been interested in fermentation for a while but don’t know where to start? Ever wondered if the probiotic drink you buy has any real benefits to your health? Perhaps you are scared to try probiotic or fermented foods?

Well say no more!  Gutsy brings you three specialists to help you navigate the world of gut health – probiotics & fermentation, how to know what a quality fermented food is, and how to make fermented foods for yourself at home. After participating in this marvellous seminar, you'll be leaving with a fountain of knowledge, a belly nourished with delicious foods that your gut bugs will love, handouts with recipes to try at home, and a Gutsy Goody Bag!

So, what can you expect from this seminar? 

Start the evening off with some delicious welcome soft or fermented drinks, and then continue on with talks from three specialist. 

  1. What is all the fuss about fermentation by Gutsy Flora
    Flora, founder of Gutsy: The Gut Health Guide shares the story of her love affair with microbes. Flora will give you an insight into her experiences of fermenting in the kitchen whilst also navigating the ever-shifting topic of gut health, taking an honest look at what the science has proved and what questions it still has to answer.
  2. What to eat for a happy & healthy gut by Laura Tilt.
    Laura, Dietitian, gut health and IBS+FODMAP specialist, will talk you through why gut health matters to your well being, what it feels like when things may be out of whack and the changes you can make to your diet to foster a happy and healthy gut. She’ll discuss the benefits of probiotic and fermented foods, plus when and how to introduce these foods into your life.
  3. Fermentation Fundamentals by Alana Holloway.
    Alana, founder of Fermented by LAB, will lead you through the process of making two ferments, seasonal fermented kimchi and a fizzing fermented drink. Created to nurture a healthy gut using ingredients readily available in your kitchen. She’ll be on hand to answer all your fermentation questions, including how you can incorporate ferments into your diets on a daily basis in order to experience the countless health benefits associated with eating or drinking them.

This Wriggle includes: 

  • ​Welcome soft + fermented drinks (Free) + serviced bar
  • Delicious prebiotic-rich canapes served throughout the evening
  • Talks + Demonstration by Flora, Laura + Alana
  • Panellist Discussion on all things fermented + gut health
  • Handouts, recipes and lots more information + tools about fermentation
  • Gutsy Goody Bag

About Gutsy

Your gut health matters and that's why you should keep it healthy with the help of Gutsy. They aim to shed light on key concepts in gut health and inspiring people to start tuning into their gut by explaining why it's a positive move. Gutsy believes that a healthier gut creates a healthier body, and in turn effects all other systems in your body – immunity, stress, weight, mental health.

How to claim

Book your Wriggle through the app or website now, and then head on over to the venue in good time before the event starts. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler and show your code to redeem your ticket. Then, simply enjoy the event, and don't forget to fill in the feedback form that’s emailed to you the following day for your chance to win £20 worth of Wriggle credit!

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