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Any Hot Drink & Any Cake

The charming Folk House are offering a haven amongst Park Street madness. How about an Americano and a flapjack? Latte and a bun? Macciato and a muffin? Smoke and a pancake? Get on down to Folkhouse to ease your way into the weekend.

Why we love Folk House Cafe: “We are not a fashion statement”, they cry. Quite right. In an industry increasingly dominated by style over substance, the Folk House Cafe offers a lo-fi environment, first class organic food, delicious coffee - tucked away in its own ecosystem, a real oasis of calm in the centre of Bristol. The daily changing menu - running breakfast through lunch - changes seasonally and (you guessed it) uses organic and sustainable ingredients as a matter of course, buying from local and trusted suppliers.

How to claim: Once you’ve bagged your Wriggle, head down to the venue between the specified times. When you arrive just tell the venue Wriggle sent ya, show them the code and indulge in your delicious deal! Make sure you pay for any additional items you order.

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40A Park St, BS1 5JG ‎ Get directions