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Healthy Lebanese Lunch - Manoushe (Sweet & Savoury), Smoothie/Juice & Fruit

This is a stonker - filling and healthy-as-you-like. 

Try Five Grain's speciality Manoushe along with one of their amazing Smoothies/Juices, a piece of fruit (banana, apple or orange) and half of their new-on-the-menu Sweet Manoushes for dessert. 

The savoury Manoushe's are quintessential Lebanese streetfood - a flatbread with a topping of wild thyme, sumac, sesame seeds, salt and oil. We're big fans. We think you will be too.

Why we love Five Grains: Five Grains is the newest arrival on a stretch of Baldwin Street brimming with fantastic world food - and it's been a Wriggle team lunchtime favourite for a number of months, so we're delighted to introduce it to you. Five Grains brings a healthy and rustic Middle Eastern style to city-centre folk - with their specialty being the Manoushé, a Lebanese panini-style flatbread, which they fill with a variety of options including lamb, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and olives. These are served with stunning juices and smoothies which are created in front of you - either an entirely fruit and vegetable type affair, or for a sweet toothed morning enhancer, try one of their energy boosters.

How to claim: Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive at Five Grains within the window of opportunity - introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help our partners keep improving. Wriggle responsibly.

39 Baldwin Street Get directions