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"The Mission" @ Bristol Cathedral (with wine!)

Electric Shadows in the Cathedral

In this instalment of "Electric Shadows in the Cathedral", come to the Cathedral to enjoy The Mission.

In this film, Jesuit priest Father Gabriel (Jeremy Irons) enters the Guarani lands in South America with the purpose of converting the natives to Christianity. He soon builds a mission, where he is joined by Rodrigo Mendoza (Robert De Niro), a reformed slave trader seeking redemption. When a treaty transfers the land from Spain to Portugal, the Portuguese government wants to capture the natives for slave labor. Mendoza and Gabriel resolve to defend the mission, but disagree on how to accomplish the task.

Before the film, you can enjoy a speech from Dr David Leech - a lecturer in the philosophy of religion at the University of Bristol. He's interested in religious experience and contemporary forms of nonbelief/agnosticism.

To top it all off, you'll get a free glass of wine (the normal stuff - not holy wine) or juice, and nibbles upon arrival.

Why we love Electric Shadows in the Cathedral: "Electric Shadows in the Cathedral" is a film series brought to you inside the impressive Bristol Cathedral - bringing real gravitas and a sense of wonder to the films.

As befitting its location, religious themes will be touched upon - but this is about watching great films in an awesome location.

Each film will be introduced by different guest speakers from across Bristol - pulling out themes and strands to engage with the film. For instance - what is the connection between Sarah Connor of the Terminator and Mary, the Mother of Christ?

How to claim: *** This event starts promptly at 6:15 pm so make sure you arrive on time. The entrance will be via the Cloister Door at the back of the Cathedral (direction signs will be in place). Just show your Wriggle code and enjoy! ***

Chapter House, Bristol Cathedral, BS1 5TJ Get directions