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2X Mojito/Caipirinha

It's mojito the moment stuff folks. Twice as nice. Any two of Billie's excellent mojitos or caipirinhas for the price of one.

Why we love Easy Rawlins Diner: A newbie on the Bristol scene Easy Rawlin’s is named after a fictional Los Angeles detective. Wriggle began the investigation, now it’s over to you. So far our case-files have some tasty leads. Boy can they bake... .

How to claim: Once you’ve bagged your Wriggle, get to Easy Rawlins between the specified times. When you arrive just tell them Wriggle sent ya, show them the code and enjoy! Make sure you pay for any additional items you order.

Wriggle Exclusives: unique offers, only available on Wriggle
28 Chelsea Road, Bristol Get directions