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Cornish Burger Co. Burger & Fries

Cornish Burger Co. @ Steam

Alright, my 'ansum? Head yourselves dreckly up Steam - 'em Cornish Burger Co have got 'emselves a little popup. Come and try one of these Cornish's maestros' Burgers & Skin-on Fries. These burgers are made using only the best quality Cornish beef or fish, with some delicious vegetarian options as well. Highlights include "the Jethro" (Beef Patty with Cornish Blue cheese), "the Mother-in-Law" (Beef Patty with Slow-Roasted Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce) or "the Mr Bean & Cheese" (Spicy veggie patty topped with West Country Cheddar, Monterey Jack or Swiss Cheese). Proper Job!

There are a couple of whopper burgers on the menu (including the Trump Towers) that aren't covered by the Wriggle - but please feel free to order them and pay the few quid difference to the guys at Steam.

Why we love Cornish Burger Co. @ Steam: Steam brings a fittingly industrial vibe to the magnificent old station-building off Whiteladies Rd. Already loved for craft beer and rotisserie chicken, their new pop-up - The Cornish Burger Co - is steam-powering a patty revolution fit for Brunel himself. These Kernow burgers are sizey eats (the Cornish are famed for their appetites) but still get flavour and texture spot-on in all the right places. Tangy relish and cornichon pickles tickle the tastebuds; Cornish Blue, Cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheeses bubble and melt over glazed n' toasted baps; 100% Cornish beef burgers satisfy with every moist, succulent, hint-of-pink-in-the-middle nibble. The Cornish Burger Co's meat-free offerings are proper job, too: think spicy bean patties, layered grilled veg and goo-infused Swiss. In a town of boundary pushing techno-burgers, here is proof that the old-school still gets the job done. Simple, well-sourced and named after Jethro and Denzil Penberthy.

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