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Are you James Bond in disguise? Or more of an Austin Powers type? This game gives you the chance to find out!

If you’ve never been to an immersive game before, it’s kind of like a murder mystery crossed with an escape room. Well, an escape room where all the puzzles are people. Chance & Counters have created a whole world for you, with its own secrets to discover and problems to solve. The proud nation of Vestruvia is one of intrigue, deception and mystery, but also one of opportunity. Will you become rich overnight? Uncover the story of the century? Or even save the world? 

Each player has their own path to tread and choices to make in order to win, but you won’t be able to do it alone - you’ll need to find and work with other players to get everything done.

The Lost & Found is the ideal venue for the event, with an extensive cocktail menu, and a secret room which is where the event will take place. They'll be providing a glass of fizz or a soft drink on arrival for each guest, and making sure there's enough time for each guest to get a martini or two throughout the evening, whether they're shaken, stirred or otherwise! 

So dust off your cocktail dress, press your dinner jacket, or pull on your best polo neck and get ready to play! Secrets will be traded, deals made and broken, and there may even be an assassination or two!


  • Q: I don't understand, what is this? A: It's a large game for up to 60 people, somewhere in between a murder mystery, an escape room and a role-playing game. Everyone has their own tasks to complete, and wins on their own, but that will be impossible without working with others! For more information, check out Bristol 24/7’s review of Chance & Counters' previous event here: https://bit.ly/2T44edp
  • Q: What time do I need to be there? A: Arrive at 6.30pm, C&C plan to start doing rules at 6.45pm, and starting at 7.00pm. The game itself takes around 3 hours, split into three 45 minute segments, with breaks in between for drinks and the like. They do a brief awards ceremony, and the night is normally over around 10.30pm
  • Q: How much does it cost? A: It's £20pp with a drink on arrival
  • Q: Are there any age restrictions? A: Due to the nature of the game and the venue, this is an 18+ event.
  • Q: Is it fancy dress? A: Getting dressed up definitely helps! You’ll receive your role a week before the event, so you’ll have a little time to locate suitable accouterments. The dress code is James Bond in a casino, but evening wear in general tends to be a good place to start
  • Q: I’ve never done anything like this, will I be any good at it? A: Fear not! If you don’t want a character who’s crucial to the storylines, C&C have other options. Just let them know how involved you want to get and they’ll make sure your role is appropriate.
  • Q: What do I need to bring? A: Nothing! Everything you’ll need to play will be provided on the night.

About Chance & Counters @ The Lost & Found

Chance & Counters are the king of Bristol board-games. At their home on the Christmas Steps, you can find literally hundreds of board games - served alongside food & drink - and particularly an awesome selection of beers. They've teamed up with The Lost & Found, for an unforgettable role-play, mystery-solving night!

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Purchase through Wriggle. Make sure you get over to The Lost & Found in good time for the 6pm start - and enjoy an evening of secrets and mystery!

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