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Capoeira Class

Capoeira @ Hamilton House

This is a twice weekly affair run by the lovely Bob. All age-groups and abilities are more than welcome; despite Capoeira being a form of martial art this class is nothing to be afraid of. Learn some elegant moves, loosen up and meet some good people. Get a Wriggle on. This class runs between 8.15 p.m. and 10.15 p.m.

Why we love Capoeira @ Hamilton House: Capoeira Angola is an artform from Brazil, an exciting mix of martial art, dance, theatre, music, song and the rituals of the Afro-Brazilian culture. Capoeira is a martial art, but the emphasis is on skill and humour rather than brute force, and the traditional music and games of capoeira combine to create a high energy performance.

How to claim: Head over to Hamilton House for an 8.15 p.m. start. Ask at reception for Capoeira, get yourself upstairs, show Bob your code and get physical.

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Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Avon, Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3QY Get directions