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Bristol Pound Exchange

Bristol Pound – Real Economy Co-Op

Swing by Wriggle HQ to grab your Bristol Pounds for the weekend. Why get Bristol pounds? They create more wealth because less money leaves Bristol and gets lost in complicated global financial systems. Sterling isn’t loyal; it goes wherever it can make more of itself, accumulating in tax havens, in big executive pay packets or with distant shareholders.

Why we love Bristol Pound – Real Economy Co-Op: Introducing, The Real Economy Co-op: A positive alternative to supermarket shopping. We think that the way the food system works is broken. Lots of people buy food that's travelled miles thousands of miles to get to their plate, and food producers get a raw deal most of the time. We want to change this with our not-for-profit alternative to supermarkets. We're looking for more people to join our co-op to buy food in groups to help change the food system.

How to claim: Email adamf@bristolpound.org to arrange a collection from the Real Economy Co-op HQ in the Corn Exchange on Corn Street. Grab your hamper and see what this alternative to supermarkets has to offer!

Room 103 The Corn Exchange, Corn Street, Avon, Bristol BS1 1JQ Get directions