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HORROR IN THE CAVES: "The Hills Have Eyes"

Bristol Film Festival @ Redcliffe Caves

A family on a road trip become stranded in the desert after taking a shortcut through the New Mexico hills. As they try to seek help they start to become the victims of a gang of mutants that prowl the area.

Starring: Aaron Stafford | Kathleen Quinlan | Vinessa Shaw | Emilie De Ravin 

THEY SAY: “This remake of the 1977 Wes Craven alleged classic has one very disturbing quality: It’s too damned good […] Do not see it or drive by it if you have a sliver of a doubt about your ability to put up with such hellish visions. You will learn nothing and won’t sleep for months.” – Stephen Hunter, Washington Post, 2006

WE SAY: Directed by French horror provocateur Alexandre Aja, but overseen by the original’s creator and genre master Wes Craven, this remake is a grim, relentless nightmare that will stir the stomachs of even the most ardent gore fanatic. Your surroundings won’t make it any easier to bear, either – didn’t we mention that some of the film is set in some old mining caves…?

Why we love Bristol Film Festival @ Redcliffe Caves: Bristol Film Festival is a unique festival concept that brings new dimensions to the cinema-going experience. Working with interesting venues and partners, it encourages exploration of film and the film-making process with various screenings, talks and workshops throughout the year.

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