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Bristol Film Festival @ Redcliffe Caves

An American family living in Tokyo become terrorised by a strange supernatural force in their new home. The curse, known as the Grudge, is said to appear whenever somebody dies in the grip of a powerful rage or sorrow, and lives on, killing anyone who comes near.

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar | Jason Behr | Clea DuVell

THEY SAY: “The Grudge assiduously avoids Americanizing the film’s essential bleakness of spirit. The film is still set in Japan and still directed by the original creator, Takashi Shimizu, and its ending is just as crushing. In fact, you might argue that this version of the film is a little better than the original.” – Stephen Hunter, Washington Post, 2004

WE SAY: Unlike so many Hollywood remakes, this is helmed by the brains behind the original, and all the better for it. Shimizu plays with the notion of his protagonists experiencing culture shock in Japan to increase their alienation, before the supernatural menacing even begins.

Why we love Bristol Film Festival @ Redcliffe Caves: Bristol Film Festival is a unique festival concept that brings new dimensions to the cinema-going experience. Working with interesting venues and partners, it encourages exploration of film and the film-making process with various screenings, talks and workshops throughout the year.

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