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HORROR IN THE CAVES: "The Devil's Backbone" (El Espinazo Del Diablo)

Bristol Film Festival @ Redcliffe Caves

In 1939, the final year of the Spanish Civil War, orphaned Carlos arrives at the Santa Lucia School, for orphans of the Republican militia and politicians. Gradually, Carlos uncovers the secrets of the school, both those of the caretakers and the mysterious, ghostly figure that walks the grounds.

Starring: Marisa Paredes | Eduardo Noriega | Federico Luppi | Fernando Tielve

Director: Guillermo Del Toro

Screenplay: Guillermo Del Toro | David Muñoz| Antonio Trashorras

Producer: Pedro Almodóvar | Guillermo Del Toro

THEY SAY: “It’s alternately a gut-wrenching portrait of childhood in a time of war and a skin-crawling, evocative nightmare […] it ultimately works so well because del Toro understands that at the core of every good horror story, whether explicit or not, lies a beating human heart.” – Bloody Disgusting, 2010

WE SAY: Del Toro considers this a companion piece to Pan’s Labyrinth, and although it’s not as well known in this country as the latter, it’s a powerful piece of cinema with more of a Gothic horror vibe than Pan’s dark fantasy. Moving, eerie, and with some of the best-timed jump scares in years.

Why we love Bristol Film Festival @ Redcliffe Caves: Bristol Film Festival is a unique festival concept that brings new dimensions to the cinema-going experience. Working with interesting venues and partners, it encourages exploration of film and the film-making process with various screenings, talks and workshops throughout the year.

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