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The Bristol Bad Film Club are celebrating International Women's Day with some classic Cynthia Rothrock action!

In mainstream cinema decent female action heroes are few and far between. Sure, every now and then, you get a Princess Leia, a Ripley or a Furiosa, but on the whole most action films are a bit of a sausage fest. That's not necessarily the case in cult and genre cinema, and the queen of martial arts cinema (in the West) is arguably Cynthia Rothrock (China O'Brien, No Retreat, No Surrender)! She stars as Kristi Jones who, as well as fighting local gangs, is hunting a crazed serial killer, who is obsessed with his mother and ex-wife.

Luckily, what may appear dark on paper, is actually one of the most infamous 'so bad, it's great' films of the 1990s thanks to the ham-fisted handling of the material.

Why is it so bad? Thank the director! The infamous Godfrey Ho! If the name sounds familiar, Godfrey Ho is regarded by aficionados of action cinema as one of the worst film-makers of all time, creating (luckily for us) some of the most unintentionally hilarious films ever! And most of them have 'Ninja' in the title... The Ninja Force, Ninja The Protector, Full Metal Ninja, and Ninja Terminator. All complete bobbins.

This is a film you don't want to miss! In fact, the film's climatic fight went viral back in 2006 when it was dubbed by Cracked.com as 'the lamest (and most homo-erotic) fight scene of all time'.

The screening starts at 8pm - buy your tickets in advance, and make sure you arrive in good time to claim them and take your seat.

All profits will be going to Bristol Women's Voice.

About Bristol Bad Film Club

Bristol Bad Film Club is where movie fans can behold some of the most unique and notorious films ever put to celluloid. Created by film fanatic Ti Singh, the club was formed in 2014 and has built up a cult-following - with tickets flying out the door. After all, in the words of Pauline Kael: “We all love good movies, but a true cinephile is someone who totally digs talking about the worst movies they’ve seen.”

How to claim

The screening starts at 8pm. Make sure you get yourself over to the Wardrobe Theatre (inside the Old Market Assembly) in good time. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle to claim your ticket. And enjoy!
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The Wardrobe Theatre, 25 West St, Bristol BS2 0DF
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