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The fabulous Bertha's have put together the ultimate Pizza Party for you and your loved ones to stuff your faces with their perfectly chewy and oh-so-cheesy creations!

Choose your party package:

  • Date Night: For 2x Adults. Nocellara olives OR garlic bread; any 2x pizzas; 2x dips; 1x 500ml gelato
  • Family Night: For 2x Adults and 2x Children. Nocellara olives OR garlic bread; 1x Margherita; any 2x other pizzas; 2x dips; 1x 500ml gelato
  • Mates Night: For 4x Adults. Nocellara olives OR garlic bread; any 4x pizzas; 4x dips

Now have a look at this mouth-watering menu:


  • Marinara: tomato, oregano, garlic, basil (VG)
  • Margherita: tomato, mozzarella, basil, parmesan (V)
  • Napoli: tomato, mozzarella, anchovies, black olives, capers
  • Meat & Heat: tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, hot honey
  • Sausagefest: tomato, house sausage, garlic, red onion, pangrattato, parmesan
  • Funghi: tomato, mozzarella, mixed roasted mushrooms (V)
  • Umami Bomb: mozzarella, smoked potato, black garlic, miso mayo (V)
  • Harissa(n) Ford: miso & harissa roasted squash, kale, smoked almonds (VG)

Unfortunately, Bertha's don't have any vegan dips, but they'll be happy to switch for vegan mozzarella on any veggie pizza, instead of a dip.

Homemade Gelato

  • ​Strawberry jam
  • Malteaser
  • Lotus biscuit
  • Dark chocolate (VG)

Gather the gang, Wriggle over, and enjoy!

About Bertha's

Bertha's has officially changed the face of Bristol's pizza scene forever. The Guardian named this pizzeria as one of the top-ten outside of London, and just one bite of sourdough crust served hot from Bertha herself proves it a worthy accolade. Let us explain. The steel wood fired oven is called Bertha, first fired up in a Sheffield back garden. Her owners soon wanted a change of direction, a vocation not a chore. They sat there sharing the food they’d cooked with friends and the answer stared back - pizza. Great pizza is simple. Good ingredients on good bread. It’s accessible; the best pizza in the world is affordable to the masses. We love that. It’s a showcase for ingredients. They want to be part of the community, to partner with local suppliers. This isn’t about buzzwords or trends. It matters. Provenance matters. Quality matters. Our sanity matters. They found the best way to keep the fire in their bellies and passion for their work is to team up with the best local producers and change the menu with the seasons. Fast forward several years, countless cindered, failed attempts and they've travelled the world, learned from some of the best in the US and put their waistbands on the line to sample all - and I mean all - that Naples had to offer. At the heart of these pizzas is the dough. And at the heart of our dough is their sourdough starter or 'mother'. It’s a symbiotic mix of wild yeast, bacteria (think good bacteria) and enzymes. The long ferment gives the natural enzymes time to do their work. The gluten chains are broken down further and you’re left with something which is both delicious and easy to digest. If you’re going to leave your crusts please do so discreetly, they don’t want to witness them being thrown away.

How to claim

Purchase through Wriggle, then arrive at Bertha's within the window of opportunity - introduce yourself as a Wriggler with a smile and show your unique Wriggle code to redeem your purchase. Remember to pay for any extras you buy, tip accordingly and leave feedback for your chance to win £20 credit and to help our partners keep improving. Wriggle responsibly.
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