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January Health Kick: Buddha Bowl + Carrot, Orange, Tumeric & Ginger Juice

Perfectly balanced, high vitality, brilliantly nourishing and more colourful than Elmer the patchwork elephant's party pants, the Buddha Bowl from Beets n' Roots is the super-delicious answer to every January heath kicker's prayers. 

Packed full of macronutrients and organic ingredients, and with a genuine focus on local sourcing, this Buddha Bowl comes with a veritable emporium of pulses, seeds, herbs, spices, oils and raw veggie goodies. 

In your Buddha Bowl, you'll get a generous mix of: Lemon quinoa; Raw "Asian" Noodles; Ginger + Garlic Sautéed Kale; Tumeric + Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes; Basil Roasted Tomatoes; Beets n' Roots House Slaw; Chilli Chickpeas; Pumpkin Seeds; Pine Nuts; Sauerkraut; Hummus; Mixed Leaves; A liberal dizzling of Argan Oil. 

Wash down that rainbow of Buddha Bowl colour with a super healthy, freshly-juiced treat: a small sized Orange, Tumeric, Carrot and Ginger juice. Nice. 

PS: if you'd prefer a Green or Red juice instead of an Orange one, simply pay £1 extra at Beets n' Roots

Why we love Beets n' Roots: A wannabe food photographer's rainbow dream, a symphony of high vitality deliciousness and a wood-clad, upcycled, health-hub-hideaway: Beets n' Roots on cosy Cotham Hill will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with their texture-laden, nutrient-rich plates, freshly squeezed juices and all manner of invigorating plant-based elixirs.

Taking inspiration from owner Rebecca's travels and mindful retreats across the Americas, Africa and Asia, Beets n' Roots' menu is packed with such an abundance of amazing raw, veggie, vegan and vibrant choices that you'll probably look (and feel) 10 years younger just by looking at it. With juices so fresh they're positively evervescent with colour (and packed with more beetroot, tumeric, ginger, lemon, spinach, apple or cucumber than you can shake a chakra at) and organic wraps, burritos, hotpots and Buddha bowls so generously laden with seeds, pulses and oils, it's hardly a surprise that Beets n' Roots have were nonimated for a clutch of foodie awards in 2017.

Wriggle recommends reposing in the sunken, plant-framed sun-garden out front and bopping along to the café playlist if the weather gods are smiling (yes, there are tunes with beats and more rootsy numbers, too)... or just kick back in the interior relaxation room if things are a bit more inclement. Lovely.

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39 Cotham Hill, Bristol Get directions