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2X Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Bearpit Social

Two smoothies of the same kind, for less. Take your pick from the extensive menu and say hello to the lovely folks at Bearpit Social. Then find a nice spot and sip on that fruity smoothie. Check out their lunch menu too - fresh, healthy stuff from the green grocers right next door.

Why we love Bearpit Social: Single origin coffee from Honduras roasted by Brian Wogan. Soups and salads from the green grocer with in reach (literally). Toast and pastries from Easton’s East Bristol Bakery. They're all about great coffee, great food and the trying to make the Bearpit a better place for all. Suits us just fine, what do y'all reckon?

How to claim: Purchase in advance through Wriggle, head down to the Bearpit during the window of opportunity. Introduce yourself with a smile and your Wriggle code and get social.

Wriggle Exclusives: unique offers, only available on Wriggle
Saint James Barton Roundabout Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 3LY Get directions