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"Best of the New World" Wine-Tasting: Drink 8 New World Wines

Averys Cellars

Explore great wines from around the world at Averys Wine Cellars. They'll be opening up top wines from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, the US, South Africa and Canada to help you learn more about these great wine-producing countries. With many people thinking that only good wines comes from Europe, Averys want to give these other amazing countries a chance to showcase what’s on offer. Their wines are often more approachable, fruitier, easier to understand and even easier to enjoy!

You'll be tasting 8 wines and matching them with specially selected cheeses to enhance the flavours. Join Avery's in their historic cellars for an evening of fine wine, cheese and fun.

If you would like to sit with anyone else who has already booked please let Averys know in advance by e-mailing their events team on events@averys.com.

Why we love Averys Cellars: Averys can trace its history back to 1793, ​but it was in the 1920s with Ronald Avery at the helm that Averys sailed to success. While other UK wine merchants bought wines from agents, Ronald made a point of travelling to wine estates himself, so that he could taste the wines with the winemakers. He was an excellent taster, and by tasting in situ, he quickly discovered the best wines, producers and vintages. This culture continues to distinguish Averys as a wine merchant today - Wriggle your way down to the cellars, get lost in the immense variety, and be sure to pick the brains of the immensely knowledgable team.

We'll drink to that!

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Averys Cellars, 9 Culver Street, BS1 5LD Get directions