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Grilled Cheese Toastie & Hot Drink & Cake

Ape About Coffee

Serious grilled cheese (various options for fillings), the finest coffee in the centre of town and a sweet-as-you-like locally baked cake of your choice. What more could you want for a fine old luncheon? Add 25p to get Aeropress, Mocha & Iced Coffees.

Why we love Ape About Coffee: People’s taste in coffee is evolving at a rapid rate and many now recognise the difference between a good cup of coffee – and a really good cup of coffee. Ape About Coffee aim to offer people a great coffee experience, both in taste and customer service. Run by a friendly, dedicated independent team of baristas, they're committed to serving quality espresso-based drinks and delicious locally sourced food.

How to claim: Purchase through Wriggle now and turn up at Ape About Coffee during the specified window of opportunity. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler, show your code and indulge.

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PAPER Arts 51-53 Merchant Street Bristol Avon BS1 3EE Get directions