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Charity of the Month : Donation Point

African Initiatives Charity

Local charity Deki are nearing the end of their crowdfunding campaign. You can read more about the campaign on our blog or on their website, but you can also donate directly to the cause through Wriggle. 100% of proceeds to straight to the cause.

Why we love African Initiatives Charity: It takes a lot of energy, love and sunshine to grow nourishing food.…but if you don‘t have land, it’s impossible. No matter how determined or hungry you are. At African Initiatives they secure land rights for communities at risk of displacement. They provide micro-loans and teach sustainable farming techniques so that generations to come can feed their families, and they prioritise the inclusion of women so that their voices are heard and their rights respected. These are just some of the many things that we do, hand in hand with knowledgeable organisations on the ground; ensuring that the solutions are always ‘African’. They support, we enable and we believe the grass roots have the answers.

How to claim: You can donate directly to Africa Initiatives using Wriggle. 100% of proceeds go to the charity and their beneficiaries.

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