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Beginners Afidance Class

African Dance @ Hamilton House

Take that, Monday! This class introduces you to the complex rhythms and movements of African dance. You are taught how to become more aware of your body and how to move it different ways. Get a move on!

Why we love African Dance @ Hamilton House: Part of the Dance Music Arts Collective, Afidance is taught by Rubba who offers music and dance activities from across the continent of Africa to all sectors of our community. Participants are able to explore movement, sound, and rhythm and it's all about inclusiveness, expression and good times. Get a Wriggle on!

How to claim: Purchase through the app now, and head over to Hamilton House today before the class begins and ask for the Afidance Class at the desk. You'll find the dance studio and a warm welcome up on the second floor. Show Rubba your code and get moving!

80 Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY Get directions