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Winter Warmer: Churros w/ Chocolate Sauce & Hot Chocolate

Zona Rosa

Beat the winter blues into submission with a traditional Mexican street food dessert - Churros. Dip these donut-like treats into some chocolate sauce and get messy. Double down on the chocolate with a warming hot chocolate. The perfect way to combat the cold winter nights!

Why we love Zona Rosa: Take a trip down to Kemp Town and discover the Mexican delights of Zona Rosa. Named after a district in Mexico’s capital known for its multicultural communities, bohemian atmosphere, appeal to creatives, and its LGBT+ community, the vibrant, diverse Kemp Town is the perfect place to lay roots. There is something for everyone's palate with favourites such as tamales, nachos, quesadillas, and burritos as well as innovative speciality items. We recommend you try their Churros - (Mexican fried donuts). There are plenty of tasty options for veggies and a range of gluten-free options too. Not literate in Mexican cuisine or just terrible at deciding what to order? Check out their taster menus featuring a mix of the most popular Mexican dishes on the menu. Having a party? They have a cracking function room downstairs perfect for private bookings!

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