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1x Pinsa Romana Margherita, 2x Fresh Pastas & 2x Pints Birra Moretti


This is a sensational offer for two lucky Wrigglers from Semola, the brand new addition to Church Road's bustling food and drink hub. Start off with one of their unique Margherita Pinsa Romanas (great for sharing!) The Pinsa is elaborated with a mix of strictly non-GMO wheat, soy and rice flour with a minimum of 48 hours natural rising and molded it into a flat and oval bread, which is crispier and more digestible than the traditional pizza and topped with Italian Mozzarella and tomatoes pulp.

Enjoy two of their freshly made pastas (excluding Chef Suggestions). Expect to see classics such as Agliolio Piccante - Linguine with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garlic and fresh chilli pepper and Amami Alfredo - Maccheroni with fresh butter and original Italian Grana Padano cheese, along with daily changing specials too such as lasagne, carbonara, ragu bolognese and seafood triumph!

Top it off with two pints of Birra Moretti or large soft drinks.

Why we love Semola: Wander on down to Semola, Church Road, and prepare to discover a luscious little pocket of proper Italian deliciousness within our own fair town of Hove.

Semola is very much a family affair, with many of the incredibly knowledgable staff originally from the land of pizza and pasta itself. Trust us when we say fresh, homemade pasta is in VERY safe hands here - the flavours are authentic, the methods traditional, and the results phenomenal.

The emphasis on traditional, authentic Italian style is woven throughout the entire fabric of Semola: the restaurant is furnished exclusively with custom-made materials from Italy, the wine choices have a clear Italian bias, and there is an undeniably Italian passion and enthusiasm underpinning the choice of ingredients and dishes served. The raw produce used is all high quality and seasonal, and is mainly sourced from either Italy or locally. The real star of the show, however, is their homemade pasta: fresh and light, yet hearty and warming, it's served up with incredible sauces that'll keep you coming back for more.

Wriggle recommends assembling your favourite eating partners-in-crime, chatting with the lovely, friendly staff about the food and drink on offer, and taking their recommendations as gospel.

How to claim: Grab yourself a Wriggle code, and head on down to Semola within the designated time period. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler, show your unique code, and enjoy! Remember to pay for any extras, and please tip accordingly. Happy Wriggling!

6 Church Road, BN3 2FL, Hove, England Get directions