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Any Burger


Get your hands on any of the beef burgers on Neighbourhood's new menu! From the Alabama rye whiskey burger to the Boston chilli beer bun. If you're after something fishy, dive in to the calamari and chorizo or salmon & sriracha . Pig out on the delicious Asian pulled pig bun, or if you're really peckish check out the 10 spice buttermilk fried chicken burgers. It would take you weeks to get through all of these delicious options. Only the freshest of ingredients used in these bad boys!

Why we love Neighbourhood: Neighbourhood started life as an East London/Brooklyn style dive bar four years ago, but has evolved over the years and now adds a stunning new garden to accompany the hip interior. This garden is a brand new contemporary Ibiza style space right in the heart of the city. Previously voted Brighton's best outdoor space, but the new garden takes that to another
level. Off St James street you have an oasis of chill. Yes... St James Street! Named in the Top 16 Secret Bars in the UK it's well worth checking out. The menu is still burger lead, but now with a distinctively original feel, using only the best ingredients and finest produce, daily baked bread, local farms artisan cheeses, highest quality local meats and only aged steak in their burger patties. An all new fine wine but reasonably priced list, adds to the experience. Oh, and if you're a gin fan, check out their extraordinary​ and extensive range on offer from all corners of the globe - It's the cornerstone of their cocktail menu.

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