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Roots & Hoots deliver to the following postcodes: BN1 - BN3, BN5 - BN15, BN41 - BN45, RH15 - RH18, TN22

When it comes to all zero-waste and vegan things, Roots & Hoots sure do deliver!

This cracking Wriggle will get you a gorgeous Wriggle Bamboo Lunchbox - 100% BPA-free, eco-friendly, made from sustainable bamboo and completely food & dishwasher safe! Now on to the best part - Roots & Hoots will deliver your lunchbox filled with any of the following:

  • 200gms Organic Vanoffee "Milk" Buttons - Vanoffee is The Raw Chocolate Co's bestselling vanilla and toffee-tasting treat, sweetened with coconut blossom sugar & Lucuma for a naturally sweet, smooth and creamy snack. We love these delicious artisan buttons that are free from cacao solids, so a naturally gentle alternative to chocolate. Great for snacking, baking or topping your morning porridge with! As with all our products the Organic Vanoffee Buttons are 100% vegan.
  • 200gms Organic Vanoffee Dark 66% Chocolate Buttons - as above but the darker version!
  • 500gms Organic Deluxe Muesli - Sink your teeth into breakfast. Deluxe muesli is packed with nuts, fruits and oats so you can breakfast like a champ. It contains a healthy blend of flakes and chopped nuts with some added sweetness provided by selected dried fruits. You can even go extra fancy by adding seasonal fruits or by drizzle on some local honey. Your breakfast is never going to be the same again!
  • 500gms Organic Granola - This delicious granola has been sweetened with beet syrup to create these tasty clusters that can be eaten on their own as a snack, or enjoyed as part of a balanced breakfast. You can mix with yoghurt or top with fresh fruits of your choice. Granola is made up of rolled oats, nuts and brown sugars to create a nutritious snack.
  • 500gms Pick N Mix Sweets - Assorted - A delicious mixture of all our favourite pick n mix sweets, just like we used to get at the sweet shop! Included in the mix are Fizzy Strawberries, Dracula Teeth, Flying Saucers, Fizzy Jelly Babies, Fizzy Twin Cherries, Sour Candy Shocks, Funky Fruits, Tongue Painters, Sour Dummies and Meerkats. All 100% vegan.
  • 500gms Organic Fruit & Nut Mix - A delicious fruit and nut mix makes for a fantastic snack or as an addition to cereals, muesli and baked goodies. This mix is made up of a unique blend of nutritious fruits and protein-packed nuts. Pop it in your lunch box or pour them into a bowl to nibble alongside drinks. There’s really so much you can do with this versatile fruit and nut mix!
  • Zero Waste Soaps Trio Gift Set: it makes a great environmentally-friendly gift. The gift set includes three vegan glycerine soaps, handmade from natural ingredients and fragranced with pure essential oils; Grapefruit Soap, Patchouli & Sandalwood Soap & Lavender & Geranium Soap. Also included is a handy metal soap tin, perfect for travel, and an exfoliating sisal soap pouch - simply pop your soap in the pouch, add water and start with your body care routine. All products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
  • 400gms of Savoury Snacks - a selection of 200g Roasted British-grown yellow peas in rapeseed oil with the tang of cider vinegar for a tempting and tasty snack full of protein and fibre, and have less than 1/3 the fat of roasted nuts and 200g roasted British-grown green peas in rapeseed oil and seasoned them with a little sea salt to create this "ridiculously moreish" snack. Roots & Hoots' roasted peas are full of protein and fibre, and have less than 1/3 the fat of roasted nuts. Great as a snack or in salads and other savoury dishes. ALSO, there is the option to add Smoked Paprika and Chilli and Lime roasted snacks too in the extras.
  • Just book your Wriggle and your filled lunchbox will be delivered the following / next delivery day, straight to your door - how fab is that?

And if you are in need of a tote big enough for a "proper" shop...look no further. Add as an extra before you checkout!

Roots & Hoots deliver to the following postcodes: BN1 - BN3, BN5 - BN15, BN41 - BN45, RH15 - RH18, TN22

Please note: pictures show a Wriggle lunchbox with 200g of filling - for reference.

About Roots & Hoots

Roots & Hoots are on a mission to reduce plastic waste and help the people of Brighton (and beyond) to become zero-waste heroes. At Roots & Hoots you'll find all you need to make your house, and your life a bit more eco-friendly on a daily basis. From household items to health & beauty product, and of course, food and drinks - they've got it all. All products are delivered in plastic-free packaging or containers, that are then collected by the team at Roots & Hoots to be reused - doesn't get more zero-waste than this!

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Book your Wriggle through the app or website now, and then head on over to Roots & Hoots during the specified timeframe. Introduce yourself as a Wriggler, show your code and indulge. Remember to pay for any extras that you purchase, and to tip accordingly. Don't forget to fill in the feedback form that’s emailed to you the following day for your chance to win £20 worth of Wriggle credit!
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