We’re all in need of things to keep us occupied during lockdown and now’s the perfect time to learn something new. So when you’ve finally had enough of Netflix binging, these crafty projects are a fun way to keep your mind active and boost your mood. 

From adult Easter egg decorating to growing your own veg, we’ve got you covered for the next three weeks. Pop on your dungas and get ready for a craft-a-thon. Us and the rest of the world would love to see your creations, so tag them with #isolationcreation to join the conversation. Happy crafting! 

1. Scene from the ceiling

Think outside the box and make like Neil Buchanan by creating scenes from anything you can find around the house — all of the clothes from your wardrobe, kids toys, sports equipment, that weird collection of bottle tops in the kitchen? Pour them all onto the floor, arrange them into a masterpiece and snap away. Double-whammy as it’s also a great way to sort the house at the same time. Instagrammer All That Is She provides some great inspo for getting creative with these.

What you’ll need: A bit of space (kitchen table works well), anything you can get your hands on, a camera/phone

2. Toilet paper crown

As the great toilet paper shortage continues to grip the nation, we can only assume there are few of you with ample amounts of bog roll. So what better way to use the tubes up than making your entire family a toilet paper roll crown. Because, well, quite simply, they are cute af and we all need small moments of joy in our self-isolation lives. Show us your best. 

What you’ll need: Toilet paper tubes, scissors, string/elastic, paints/colouring pens or pencils/glitter (optional). 

3. Regrow food from scraps

Never in our lifetimes have we realised how precious and fragile the food supply chain is. So make the most of your WFH time and ease the load. All those lovely fresh veggies you’ve stockpiled in the fridge can be re-grown and made into wonderful, nutritious dishes to see you and your loved ones through the pandemic. 

What you’ll need: Jars/cups/plant pots, soil, leftover veg scraps

4. Upcycled plant pots

Upcycling is all the rage, obvs, but one of our favourites are these craft beer can planters. We all know you’re going to work your way through copious amounts of brew so why not put the leftovers to good use. Tinnies these days have all kinds of elaborate illustrations adorning them, so choose your favourites and follow the instructions here to make your own gorge cacti plant pots.

What you’ll need: Craft beer cans, soil, cacti/small plant, can opener, small stones/gravel

5. Infused olive oils

Yes I’m sure you’ve heard of them a million times over, but don’t you always make some excuse as to why you don’t have the time to make your own? The time is now people. Gather your dried herbs and garnishes and get bottling. 

What you’ll need: olive oil, fresh/dried ingredients, bottles

6. Arm knitting

Needle-free arm knitting is a fun way to try your hand at the art of knitting. If you’re already a knitter then this will be a doddle for you as it’s virtually the same process, except your arms stand in for the needles. If you’re brand new to the yarn world, this is a great first project. It’s not really blanket season but who cares. Get prepped for the winter months with this fun DIY challenge.

What you’ll need: chunky yarn, youtube. 

7. Flavoured salts 

As you know, we’re big foodies over at Wriggle so we love an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. Flavoured salts are a great way to use up fresh herbs, chillies, citrus rinds and veggies. The key is to dry them out so they don’t go off and there’s a handy hack for doing this here. Fuss free and easy to make - we know what we’ll be doing during lockdown, you?

What you’ll need: fresh ingredients, sea salt, an oven, jars/pots

8. DIY coasters

You can make coasters from literally anything, seriously ANYTHING. Some of our favourites on this round-up are peg coasters, the acrylic marble ones and the popsicle sticks are also rather fetching. Good job the sun’s shining, better get munching those ice lollies and make it count. If none of these ideas tickle your pickle, there are tons more to choose from on Pinterest.

What you’ll need: Pegs/Paints/Lollipop Sticks/Felt/Beads 

9. Painted pebble cactus

We just had to include this DIY pebble cactus, because, look how cute. For those who are not so green fingered, this is the perfect solution. All you need is a plant pot (which as we know can be upcycled from many things), some stones and some paint. Foraging stones is a good excuse for you to get out and get your exercise for the day. Look for smooth stones as they’ll give you a nicer finish when painted. What a great, maintenance-free and totally sustainable ornament.

What you’ll need: plant pot/ upcycled alternative, stones, paints, brushes

10. Macrame bookmark

We’ll be getting stuck in those books we’ve been meaning to start for a while over the next few weeks and what better way to mark your place than by crafting a cute little bookmark for the occasion? These are incredibly satisfying to make and also make great gifts so they’ll be no stopping you making enough to fill an entire library. Just remember to start the book when you’re done. 

What you’ll need: Yarn, scissors, ruler, clipboard (or tape)

11. Wall hanging 

Yarn therapy is a real thing, there is nothing more calming than knotting bits of string together to pass the time — especially when doing so creates something you’ll be proud to hang on your wall! Simple yet effective, the scope for what you’ll create relies on what you can get your hands on so you’ll end up with a great time-capsule piece to remind yourself how we got through this when it’s all over. 

What you’ll need: Yarn/wool/string, a stick, scissors, beads (optional)

12. Adult egg decorating ideas

Easter is coming and even if you’re not normally the type to go all out decorating your house for the occasion, chances are you’re spending a lot more time there at the moment. Dig out the fairy lights, work out your window display, and get eggs-perimental with some beautiful egg based art. Egg painting is not just for children.  

What you’ll need: Eggs, paints, brushes

Published -25th March 2020