Here at team Wriggle, we are pretty proud of our ever-growing collection of office dogs. They range from teeny tiny to big and boisterous – and it's time for you to meet the gang.

Mac, 16 months old, Bedlington Terrier 


Mac is the original Wriggle doggo. Adopted by Wriggle's founding father and mother, Rob and Yas, Mac enjoys stealing organic butter, croissants and hummus. You might have seen him hanging out on King Street, enjoying a beer with his pals at Renato's – his hangout of choice. He loves pinching small household items from around his family home and hiding them in his dog bed, but his preferred hobby is eating non-edible products. His tally so far includes 8 shoes, 5 bags, and 3 of his own dog harnesses. His birthday is the 15th March. 

Hulk, 5 months old, Miniature Dachshund 


Hulk the miniature dachshund is a serial heartbreaker – but he doesn't mean to be that way – he just wants to  be painted like one of your French girls. Part bat, part pup, this buttery little fella weighs a mere 3.5 kilograms, and has the softest, sweetest paws that have ever walked the earth. Son to our business manager Will, Hulk's hobbies include exploring Wapping Wharf to meet other doggos, letting his beautifully velvety ears blow gently in the wind, and generally being an all-round perfect angel. His birthday is the 7th March. 

Lily Wright, 4 months old, Staffordshire Bull Terrier 


Lily Wright is the world's best pup. Doggo daughter to our IT guru and all-round good egg Stephen, Lily Wright has only been part of the Wriggle woofice for a few short months, but has already made an almighty splash. Weighing in at a sturdy 7.5 kilograms (and growing rapidly), this bouncy bundle of joy's favourite hobbies are chasing the other doggos around the office, and starting on dogs who are far larger than her. Her proudest achievement is when she grew big enough to jump on the sofa, which meant she could keep chasing Mac even when he sought refuge on higher ground. Her favourite chew toy is Mac's ears, and her birthday is the 14th April. 

Hepzibah, 1 year old, Japanese Spitz


This randy little fluffball is Hepzibah, or Eppie to her friends. A one year old Japanese Spitz, Eppie loves long walks on the beach (no, seriously, she really does), and chasing Mac around the office. Doggo daughter to our talented videographer and photographer Aaron, Eppie is a strong, independent woman with a real lust for life – and other dogs... She hates table football (and is quite vocal about it whenever office tournaments take place), and is a famous Instagram model, too – click here to check out her best shots. Her birthday is the 8th July.

Who is your favourite Wriggle doggo? Let us know your thoughts on, and keep your eyes peeled for the Cats of Wriggle series, coming soon. 

Published -30th July 2018